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Briana Enoch

Infused with Aboriginal country and culture, Jarawee produces customised bold and unique hand-painted quality fashion accessories including shoes, handbags, clutches and wallets; and features collections of beautifully printed and crafted gala and formalwear.
Where contemporary Indigenous art fuses with high end style.
Jarawee creates experiences of profound connectivity with Aboriginal Australia in our shared journey through art, fashion and culture. To ignite a personal connection to Aboriginal culture, country and values, through unique contemporary designs on high quality stylish clothing and accessories.

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Jarawee is the tribal name of Briana Enoch, a proud Kaantju and Nhugee descendent of Quandamooka with a strong line of family connections from Cape York to Stradbroke Island, in Queensland, Australia. read more...

Quandamooka Collection

Now ventured in JARAWEE men accessories of Ties, Bow ties, square pockets, scarf and hand painted dress shoes. I want to inspire our men and pay tribute to the men in our lives who have driven and inspired our communities, family and people. Bringing Quandamooka Collection featuring men accessories, women accessories and high end clothing!


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    Jarawee produces and customises Rich & Innovative Aboriginal artwork on fashionable accessories. JARAWEE has infused her love for fashion and culture by personalising hand painted Fashion accessories that customers connect to.

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